MAGIX 30W Wall Charger PD 3.0, USB Type-C - EUR Plug
MAGIX 30W Wall Charger PD 3.0, USB Type-C - EUR Plug
MAGIX 30W Wall Charger PD 3.0, USB Type-C - EUR Plug
MAGIX 30W Wall Charger PD 3.0, USB Type-C - EUR Plug

MAGIX 30W Wall Charger PD 3.0, USB Type-C - EUR Plug


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  • 30W Power Delivery for Enhanced Device Performance: Elevate your charging game with the cutting-edge 30W Power Delivery technology. Whether it's your Ultrabook Laptop or smartphone, get ready for a performance boost. Experience faster and more intelligent charging, driven by the power of 30W Power Delivery, ensuring the ultimate high-speed charging experience.
  • Smart Charging Adaptability: Our innovation extends beyond speed. The heart of our charger's intelligence lies in its ability to adapt. It intelligently adjusts the output current even for non-PD devices, ensuring efficient and safe charging for every device type. Say goodbye to compatibility worries – our charger is designed to cater to all.
  • Versatile Compatibility:  Seamlessly adapt to all versions of Power Delivery 3.0 technology, creating a charging experience as versatile as your device collection. From legacy devices to the latest gadgets, our charger guarantees a unified and effortless charging journey.
  • Safety and Reliability: Safety is paramount. With sturdy support for standard power grids (110V-240V), our charger stands as your trusted companion. It comes fortified with multi-protection mechanisms against over-charging, over-heating, over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuiting. Your devices are shielded and secure.
  • 2 Years Warranty and 24/7 Support: Relax knowing your charging solution is covered by a 2-year warranty. Our round-the-clock online support ensures assistance whenever you need it. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our unwavering commitments.

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Supercharge Your Devices with 30W Power Delivery

Experience the future of charging with our groundbreaking 30W Power Delivery technology. Elevate your device performance to new heights – whether it's your Ultrabook Laptop or smartphone, be prepared for a charging experience like never before.

Enjoy accelerated and smarter charging, all powered by 30W Power Delivery for the ultimate high-speed charge.


USB Type

PD 3.0

Charging Technology



Universal Compatibility

Our charging solution offers more than just power – it provides unparalleled compatibility. With support for all versions of Power Delivery 3.0 technology and a robust 30W output, our charger effortlessly accommodates a wide array of devices.

From smartphones to laptops, tablets to gadgets, enjoy the convenience of charging any device seamlessly. Say goodbye to juggling multiple chargers and cables – our charger is your universal power hub.

Discover a new realm of charging possibilities with our cutting-edge 30W Power Delivery technology

Elevate your Ultrabook Laptop and other 30W compatible devices to unparalleled performance heights.

Brace yourself for a charging experience that transcends expectations, delivering lightning-fast replenishment.

Experience the future of rapid charging with our cutting-edge 30W Power Delivery technology

While ideal for Ultrabook Laptops, this innovation extends its prowess to a wide array of devices. From smartphones to tablets, cameras to gaming gadgets, enjoy faster and more efficient charging across your tech arsenal.

Unleash the power of 30W for a charging experience that's not just accelerated but versatile, ensuring all your devices are ready for action in no time.

Crafted with a comprehensive suite of multi-protection features, this charger stands as a stalwart guardian against potential risks

Safety is paramount, and the MAGIX 30W PD 3.0 Wall Charger takes this commitment seriously. With multi-protection against overcharging, overheating, over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuiting, your devices are cocooned in a shield of security.

Charge with confidence, knowing your devices are powered up and safeguarded for every task.

Experience the perfect synergy of functionality and portability with our pocket-sized charger

Designed to fit effortlessly into your pocket, bag, or even the smallest of spaces, this charger encapsulates robust power within a sleek and compact form.

No matter where you go, its compact dimensions ensure you can take reliable charging capability with you, making it an essential companion for your on-the-go lifestyle.

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