MAGIX MicroSD Card PRO Series + SD Adapter Class10 V30
MAGIX MicroSD Card PRO Series + SD Adapter Class10 V30
MAGIX MicroSD Card PRO Series + SD Adapter Class10 V30
MAGIX MicroSD Card PRO Series + SD Adapter Class10 V30
MAGIX MicroSD Card PRO Series + SD Adapter Class10 V30
MAGIX MicroSD Card PRO Series + SD Adapter Class10 V30
MAGIX MicroSD Card PRO Series + SD Adapter Class10 V30
MAGIX MicroSD Card PRO Series + SD Adapter Class10 V30
MAGIX MicroSD Card PRO Series + SD Adapter Class10 V30
MAGIX MicroSD Card PRO Series + SD Adapter Class10 V30

MAGIX MicroSD Card PRO Series + SD Adapter Class10 V30


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  • High-Speed Performance and Ample Storage: With read speeds of up to 95MB/s and storage capacity of up to 256GB, the PRO Series MicroSD Card ensures quick data transfers and provides ample room for your mobile content, from apps and eBooks to videos and music.
  • Capture in 4K: Equipped with UHS Speed Class U3 and Video Speed Class V30, the PRO Series is optimized for 4K Ultra HD content recording at a resolution rate of 4096×3072 pixels. Capture the richness of life's moments with exceptional clarity.
  • Seamless Compatibility: Enjoy A1 performance-class benefits as the PRO Series microSD card loads apps faster and effortlessly works with microSDHC and microSDXC-supporting host devices. Whether it's your smartphone, tablet, action camera, or portable game console, compatibility is never a concern.
  • Built to Withstand: The PRO Series is engineered for durability, boasting 4-proof protection against water, shock, X-rays, and extreme temperatures. Record your adventures worry-free, knowing your memories are protected.
  • 3-Year Warranty and Community Support: Backed by a 3-year extended warranty and responsive 24-hour customer support, the PRO Series MicroSD Card isn't just a product—it's your gateway to a vibrant community of over a million satisfied customers, all connected through Magix Team's dedication to your satisfaction.

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Outstanding Performance

Elevate your experience with the PRO Series, designed to ensure lightning-fast data transfer, empowering you to effortlessly create and share content on the go. Tailored to the latest smartphones, tablets, action cameras, 360° cameras, drones, and more, it's your ultimate partner for capturing life's remarkable moments.

Featuring the V30 video speed class, the PRO Series is your gateway to preserving memories in stunning 4K Ultra HD quality, with a remarkable resolution of 4096×3072(pix). Enjoy seamless transitions between capturing high-quality photos and recording multi-file videos, perfect for drones, 360° cameras, and action-packed adventures.

Class 10

Speed Class


Reading Speed up to


UHS Velocity Class


Video Velocity Class

The Perfect Choice

Experience hassle-free connectivity! Our advanced controller ensures effortless plug-and-play compatibility with various devices such as digital cameras, smartphones, portable gaming consoles, tablets, and more. Get ready to enjoy seamless use and instant access to your data wherever you are!

Elevate Your Precious Moments with PRO Series

Capture your cherished memories in all their glory. Welcome to the world of our PRO Series microSD cards – a fusion of premium materials and cutting-edge technology. Whether it's a picturesque panorama or a candid moment, our cards guarantee every nuance is captured with exceptional clarity. Make the smart choice to preserve your invaluable memories and relive them in stunning 4K definition.

4-Proof Protection

Preserve your priceless memories without worry. Backed by our advanced 4-proof protection, the PRO series can endure up to 72 hours in seawater, extreme temperatures, airport X-ray scanners, and even magnetic fields comparable to an MRI machine. Safeguard your cherished moments with a memory card that stands up to life's unpredictable adventures.



X-Ray Resistant

Temperature Resistant

Generous Storage Capacity

Experience the freedom of ample storage with the PRO Series, offering an impressive up to 256GB of space on your mobile device.

Say goodbye to space limitations and embrace a world of endless possibilities as you enjoy a vast array of mobile content such as apps, eBooks, web videos, music, and movies.

Boost Your App Performance

Unlock the full potential of your apps with our A2 App Performance Rating.

Experience quicker launches and improved operation with a minimum random read of 1,500 IOPS and random write of 500 IOPS.

This means you'll enjoy a seamless user experience on your Android-based smartphone, tablet, and other app-running mobile devices. Don't miss out on enhanced app performance – choose our product today!

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What is in the box?
Video Speed C10, UHS-I U3, V30
Capacity 32GB ~ 256GB
Dimensions 15.0mm x 11.0mm x 1.0mm
Weight 0.3g
Read Speed Max 95 MB/s
Write Speed Max 30 MB/s
Durability 10,000 insertions (minimum)
Operational Temperature 0°C - 70°C
Storage temperature -40°C~-85°C
Humidity 8% - 95%
Operation Voltage 2.7V - 3.6V
Warranty/support Limited 3 - years warranty with free technical support

1x microSD card

1x SD Adapter

Datasheet Download Here.

Advertised 1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes/operating systems 1 GB = 1,073,741,824 bytes. A portion of the total capacity is used to store certain functions, including memory optimizations that support performance and endurance. Actual user storage is less than advertised. Actual speed may vary due to host and device configuration.

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